Use the best tools to unlock cars!

Due to the advent of modern technology, almost everyone is using technology in one way or the other. If you drive a car, then you must be aware of the new keyless fob feature. You can unlock the car and then start it with the key fob. In older times, people had to use metal keys to unlock their cars where it was necessary to use the key for opening the door of the car. It was easier to unlock the old designed cars because physical keys were used but now automatic key fob makes it difficult to unlock the car of someone else.

The key fob is a better option for the car owners because they can unlock the car door with a remote and also start the ignition. This is a kind of wireless device which will keep the car safer. It is designed to ensure better security for the car owners. When you want to unlock the car, you have to press the fob button and then the key will send a signal to the car’s lock. It will be opened in seconds after signal verification. Starting a car is also easier than older methods.

How to unlock fob key car lock?

The car comes with a unique code in this key fob and it isn’t possible to use your key fob to open another car. If you want to unlock your without a fob key, then it can only be possible with the help of a car lock hacker. The keyless repeater is the tool that is built by This tool works best when you have lost your fob key and want to hack the car. There are several emergencies when you might need to open the car of a stranger also and this theft tool will help you to get the work done.

We welcome you to our, the best site to impart hi-tech devices and theft tools. We have custom manufactured and programmed tools that are useful to hack the modern technology key fob. Being in Russia, we are supplying these products across the globe. We feel proud to have helped millions of people in finding solutions to modern key fob hacking.

Keyless Repeater Standard

If you are looking for a standard version of the car unlock tool. This tool can allow you to unlock any car easily. It is an efficient product and will last for a long time and this won't be traceable at all. You can hack any luxurious car like Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Audi, and Porsche models which are released after the year 2014. If you have never used such a product, then this standard product will work best for you. You can read the manual instruction guide to use this amazing tool.

Keyless Repeater Universal

This is a Relay Attack unit and famous in the market currently. We introduced it in the year 2018 but there were certain bugs at that time. Our team worked on improving the functioning of this product and now it works without any bug. The cars with 22 to 40 kHz can be unlocked with this tool. Some cars can’t be unlocked with the standard version of the keyless repeater and that’s when you can use this universal tool. This upgraded tool will cost you around $12,000.

You will get two remotes, a guide, and a relay attack unit in this product kit. You can use it if the car is around 50 meters of distance. When it will connect to the car, it will start scanning fob frequency. You will find that the frequency is displayed on your device and then you can use the remote to unlock this car. You won’t need any internet connection to work with this car.

Different products at

We provide various theft technical tools and devices to our customers. For now, we have introduced two premium tools to unlock all car brands in the world. Here are the two tools designed by our experienced professionals.

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Although we provide services across the globe our clients are mostly from Tier 1 countries like the UK, Canada, and the USA. Every week, we sell various units in different countries. We have strong connections with all our clients and that’s why they keep dealing with us regularly.

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Our company believes in providing 100% original and bug-free tools. We only deliver premium quality products with quick delivery services. Our team of experienced engineers has used the best techniques to design these products. We have used the best technology to design these tools and hence can ensure quality satisfaction. If you find it difficult to select the right tool for yourself, then our team of experts can also provide you with recommendations and advice as per your need. After every 12 months, we will provide technology updates related to encryption. We believe in building stronger relationships with our customers and that’s why we don’t want you to disappoint ever.

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If you want to return the product, then it should have an unopened seal and you won’t need to pay a restocking fee for it. If you want to return opened products, then you have to do it within five days of delivery.

Will you get any warranty?

It can be difficult to invest your money in a product with zero warranty. We provide 30 days of warranty on every product of our company. Whenever there will be any user error, we can fix that for you. If the problem isn’t fixed, we would also replace the damaged parts for the customers. Make sure that warranty doesn’t apply to broken products and forgotten passwords.

What about custom tax?

Don’t worry about paying for custom taxes because our products are shipped from Russia, the USA, Australia, and Moscow directly. In every country, you will receive this product at the same price.

Warning & Precautions

If you think that the Relay attack unit can be found at only $1000, then you are mistaken. There are numerous fraud companies which are making fool of their customers. The original software costs around $5000 to $15000. Make sure that you don’t fall for the cheap products just to save some money.