Keyless Repeater Universal

This is a Relay Attack unit and famous in the market currently. We introduced it in the year 2018 but there were certain bugs at that time. Our team worked on improving the functioning of this product and now it works without any bug. The cars with 22 to 40 kHz can be unlocked with this tool. Some cars can’t be unlocked with the standard version of the keyless repeater and that’s when you can use this universal tool. This upgraded tool will cost you around $12,000. You will get two remotes, a l guide, and a relay attack unit in this product kit. You can use it if the car is around 50 meters of distance. When it will connect to the car, it will start scanning fob frequency. You will find that the frequency is displayed on your device and then you can use the remote to unlock this car. You won’t need any internet connection to work with this car.

We offer a kit for every product.

For Keyless Repeater /Universal,

It includes,

•2 Remotes

•Relay Attack Unit


Price is set at 12,000 USD in BTC (Free Shipping)

Detailed description

This tool is also known as the "Relay Attack Unit." It is very famous too in the market as of now. It was first released in the year 2018. Back then, there were many bugs in this tool.

But the tool which you get now is completely bug and error-free. With this tool, you can unlock any car in the world, including all the luxury cars which use frequencies between 22 to 40 kHz.

It even works with the cars that cannot be unlocked with the standard version. It is an upgraded version of the original tool and will cost you 12,000 USD